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who we are

About Martins & Eno Foundation

ME-Acha Foundation stands for Martins and Enosadeba Acha Foundation. The Foundation was founded in 2019 by Mr Martins Acha and his wife, Mrs Enosadeba Acha with the aim of providing sustainable living support to the needy and disaster victims lacking relief amenities. Our idea is to support less privileged families out of poverty.

We support our foundations with cloths, shoes, beddings, food etc. We also support widows with monthly financial support.

We have cloth and shoe bins/kiosk distributed around Lagos to collect cloths and shoes from people who don’t need them and in a clean way, we distribute them to people who are in dire need of them. We also do our unprecedented weekly program called “Tuesday Shoesday” where we distribute shoes to young children around the country. 

The love we put into giving

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M&E Acha

Founder & Co

Focus Areas


We recycle clothes from those who do not need them to those who do. We also give out fresh ones to those who need them.

Education Support

We support indigent students and those who cannot afford education to give them a shot at life with a decent education.

Capacity Building, Women Empowerment

We help youths and women get some level of empowerment that can make them independent financially. 


We offer help when there is a natural or man made disaster; flood, fire, building collapse, etc

Martins and Eno Foundation

Our Board Members

Mr. Martins Acha


Mrs. Eno Acha


Aifuwa Igbinoba

Project Manager

Adebola Williams


We Educate

We aid young children in orphanages to attain good education using our donated finances.

We Help

We help support less privileged families out of poverty.

We Build

We are pro building the young ones beause we believe the young are the future of tomorrow.

We Donate

We help donate to the less priviledged items such as cloths, shoes, beddings, food etc.

We have various functional areas for volunteer work such as Social Media Manager, Content Development, Research, Operations, Marketing, Partnerships and International Relations. You may choose to work with multiple departments according to your expertise and interest. In addition to your educational background or experience, good attitude and honesty are fundamental requirements for working with us.


What We Think